Call for experts: EU Ecolabel

Deadline: 4 October 2018

The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and the European Consumers Organisation (BEUC) are looking to extent their current network of technical experts in Ecolabelling to support both organisations in the EU policy making process. Experts will provide technical and scientific input into preparatory studies and EU Ecolabel criteria discussed at EU level.


Background: how do the EEB and BEUC contribute to the EU Ecolabel scheme?

The EU Ecolabel criteria are developed by the European Commission and the EU Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) gathering Member States, industry, retailers, consumer organisations and environmental NGOs according to the procedures described in Annex I of the EU Ecolabel Regulation. The EEB and BEUC participate in defining the criteria to ensure the environmental excellence of products displaying the EU flower.

More information can be found here.

In what areas are the EEB and BEUC looking for Ecolabel experts?

At product specific level experts are needed to assist in the criteria revision / development process of the following product and service groups:

  • EU Ecolabel for electronic displays.
  • EU Ecolabel for hard coverings. The scope might be extended to cover roof-tiles, masonry units (clay, calcium silicate, concrete or natural stone-based), Epoxy-based terrazzo tiles and plasterboard.
  • EU Ecolabel for printed paper
  • EU Ecolabel for converted paper
  • EU Ecolabel for financial products
  • EU Ecolabel for rinse-off cosmetics. The scope might be extended to leave-on cosmetics.
  • EU Ecolabel for paints and varnishes
  • EU Ecolabel for textiles

Based on a life cycle approach, experts should focus on requirements driving positive improvements for circularity/resource efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing of raw materials, reduction of environmental pollution and substitution of hazardous chemicals.

At horizontal level experts are needed to assist in the assessment of:

  • potential for substitution of hazardous substances and derogations that might be needed for specific product categories based on article 6.7 of the Ecolabel Regulation.
  • Potential use of the Product Environmental Footprint methodology to support the development of EU Ecolabel criteria.

How to apply?

  • We invite you to send both your CV and your motivation letter at Please identify your particular area of expertise within the EU Ecolabel, as well as your experience and interest in the environmental and consumer movement. Fluency in English is required.
  • Although the call for expert will remain open until next year, we would like to receive a first batch of applications by 4 October 2018.

What does working for BEUC and the EEB on Ecolabel entail?

Experts are nominated by the EEB/BEUC EU Ecolabel Coordinated on an ad-hoc basis to represent environmental NGOs and consumer organisations and provide technical input to criteria development/revision process. Technical support can include – but is not limited to – the following tasks:

  • Prepare input to preliminary surveys at the start of the revision process.
  • Analyse Ecolabel technical background documents and draft criteria proposals.
  • Prepare written recommendations for improvement of key issues related to consumer and environmental relevant aspects for a defined product group;
  • Attend both technical and political meetings, supporting the EU Ecolabel Coordinator through technical advice.

Once contracted, experts are entitled to a daily fee for each full day of work of maximum 500 euro (VAT excluded) and to reimbursement of travel costs. More information will be communicated upon receipt of the application.

The criteria development or revision process usually last between two and a half years and twenty months, depending on whether a standard procedure is followed. The EU Ecolabelling Board is also consulted on criteria proposals where political agreements are needed. More information can be found here.

The process we usually follow is that the expert attends the AHWG meetings (with previously discussed written comments prepared by the expert as a pre-briefing) and then reports back to the EU Ecolabel Coordinator and finalise the written input to be submitted to the stakeholders’ consultation. The expert liaises with the EU Ecolabel Coordinator before and after meetings to prioritise issues where it is important to focus and agree on recommendations which may have strong political dimension. The expert shall submit the written recommendations with at least three weeks in advance of meetings to allow consultation of EEB and BEUC members on issues where political direction is needed.

We have anticipated the following amount of expert fees for the different steps of the revision process:

  • Half day for preliminary surveys;
  • Two days for in depth- analysis of technical background documents/criteria draft proposals, preparation of written recommendations in advance to each AHWG meeting and final integration of result of the AHWG discussions in the EEB / BEUC answer to the stakeholders’ consultation.
  • One day for attendance of the AHWG meeting lasting usually one day per product group (in case two days physical meetings or only half day online meetings take place, fees will be adapted).
  • As relevant, one day or a half day for assessment of draft criteria proposals to be discussed at the EU Ecolabelling Board meetings and preparation of written recommendations (on average up to 3 meetings during each revision process).
  • Potential attendance of one EU Ecolabelling Board meeting to support the EU Ecolabel Coordinator on technical discussions (on overage one day).