Break Free from the Herd 28 March 2018







Towards a healthy future for European animal farming

Animal farming occupies a prominent place in European agriculture, but the public health implications of intensive, large scale animal production systems are not always known and underemphasised. While the Commission has published its orientations for the Common Agricultural Policy post 2020 no later than last November and is about to publish its proposals in June this year, our event aims at feeding the debate on the health of our farming system and the systems that should be supported post 2020 by public policies.

Our event will shed light on the multiple health risks associated with intensive livestock systems – from air pollution to zoonotic diseases, from antimicrobial resistance to food safety – but also addresses the solutions to move from an unhealthy livestock system to a healthy one. Improving the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is key in this transition. While the drivers behind agriculture’s impact on both environment and health are often shared, no concerted attempts have been made to design policy tools for a health compatible animal farming system. Fortunately, certain regions and actors are leading the way, inspiring new directions for policy-making.

Come listen and discuss with various health professionals and doctors as well as regional policy makers and economic operators to better understand the health implications of large scale animal production systems and get solutions for a more healthy future.

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  • European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60 B-1047 Brussels